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Archaeus was published from 1983 (volume 1) to 1989 (volume 5). The first four are now available in PDF format.

Readers should be aware that the electronic versions of Archaeus are not quite identical to the print copies. The journals were electronically scanned, and then PDF files were created. The software replaced the original courier-style font by a different font. This resulted in different line breaks. The page breaks remained the same. The software sometimes inserted hyphens in odd places, hyphens that were not in the original. There were other slight formatting differences due to the software used in preparing the PDF files.

Vol. 1 -- 1983        Highlights --

Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena by Jack Houck

Fire Walking at Mount Takao by James McClenon

The Phantom Leaf Revisited: An Interview With Allan Detrich
by Dennis Stillings
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4.3 MB PDF

Vol. 2 -- 1984       Highlights --

"Occult" Influences on Health and Disease by Robert C. Beck

Surface Change During Warm-Forming by Jack Houck

Applications of Human Volitional Mind-Matter Interaction
by Elizabeth A. Rauscher
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Download Archaeus  Vol. 2
11.2 MB PDF

Vol. 3  -- 1985       Highlights --

Remote Annealing of High-Carbon Steel Parts
by Severin Dahlen

The Goddess Sekhmet and the Egyptian Way of the Five Bodies
by Robert E. L. Masters

Legal Issues Related to the Use of Psi
by Stanley D. Schall

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6.8 MB PDF

Vol. 4 -- 1986         Highlights --

Associative Remote Viewing by Jack Houck

Tesla's Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator and the Ether
by Oliver Nichelson

Mood Modification With ELF Magnetic Fields: A Preliminary Exploration
by Robert C. Beck

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2.6 MB PDF

No. 5 -- 1989       Highlights --

Believing the Unbelievable: Child's Play or Con Game?
by Hilary Evans

Ufology Considered as an Evolving System of Paranoia
by Martin Kottmeyer

UFOs and the Myth of the New Age by Michael Grosso

The "Visitor" Experience and the Personality: The Temporal Lobe Factor
by Michael Persinger

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I wish to thank Dennis Stillings for
providing PDF files of Archaeus.
George P. Hansen