Cover of Truzzi's newsletter (1975).

Cover of first issue of CSICOP's periodical (1976).

Cover of second issue of CSICOP's periodical (1977).

The Zetetic

In the early 1970s Marcello Truzzi published a small newsletter titled Explorations.

It's name was changed to The Zetetic.  The publication described itself as "a newsletter of academic research into occultisms."  One of the issues is shown above.

In 1976 Truzzi helped found the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP).  He became editor of its journal, which took the name of his newsletter.  The Fall/Winter 1976 issue of the CSICOP journal was designated Vol. 1, No. 1.

On page 3 of that issue, Truzzi explained: "The word zetetic means 'skeptical seeker' and refers to the ancient Greek followers of the skeptic Pyrrho."

In 1977 Truzzi produced a second issue of The Zetetic and then resigned from the Committee.  Kendrick Frazier became editor, and the cover name of the CSICOP periodical was changed to "The Zetetic The Skeptical Inquirer" then to "The Skeptical Inquirer The Zetetic" and finally to "The Skeptical Inquirer."

In 1978 Truzzi began publishing the Zetetic Scholar.