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by George P. Hansen

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Budd Hopkins’ Linda Napolitano (Cortile) Case

A Critique of Budd Hopkins Case of the UFO Abduction of Linda Napolitano by Joseph J. Stefula, Richard D. Butler, and George P. Hansen.  08 January 1993.  Published in Third Eyes Only, Issue No. 8, January, 1993, pp. 10-34; and other publications.

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Attempted Murder vs. The Politics of Ufology: A Question of Priorities in the Linda Napolitano Case by George P. Hansen. 20 October 1992.  [This paper has been circulated and posted on a number of electronic bulletin boards and published in several periodicals including The New Jersey Chronicle, Vol. 3, Nos. 1/2, September-December, 1992; MUFON of Ohio Newsletter, No. 3, Second November 1992 Issue; Third Eyes Only, No. 6, November 1992; UFO Spotters Newsletter, No. 16, 1992; Minnesota MUFON Newsletter, No. 37, October 1992]  [pdf file 369 KB]



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