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Interview With Author

Fortean Times
Mark Pilkington Interviews George P. Hansen


Expanding Minds

Interview with Erk Davis
(March 4, 2010)

Behind the Paranormal
Interview with Paul Eno
(April 25, 2010)


Interview with Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni 
(Episode 68 - May 21, 2010)

Interview with Jeff Ritzman and Jeremy Vaeni
(Episode 8)

Afterlife FM
Marcel Cairo Interviews George P. Hansen
(November 27, 2007)

Online Reviews of the Book

David Perkins
(January 2003)

Clayton Montez
Intuitive-Connections Network

Michael Grosso
Journal of Parapsychology
(June 2002)

Arthur Hlavaty, Lance Payette, Charles Tart, Glenn Corey, Lance Foster, M. Landers, E. Gaillard, and others


Online Articles Citing the Book
Stanley Krippner
Trance and the Trickster: Hypnosis as a 
Liminal Phenomenon

Joseph Durwin
Coulrophobia & The Trickster

Michael Prescott
The Dark Side of the Paranormal

J. E. Kennedy
The Capricious, Actively Evasive, Unsustainable Nature of Psi: A Summary and Hypotheses

Willaim Braud
Psi-Favorable Conditions

Stanley Krippner
Conflicting Perspectives on Shamans and Shamanism: Points and Counterpoints

Stanley Krippner
Dancing With the Trickster: 
Notes for a Transpersonal Autobiography

Wendell Piez
Human and Machine Sign Systems

David Perkins
Foreword to Christopher O'Brien's 
Stalking the Tricksters


Friends' Websites

William V. Rauscher.  Priest, magician, psychical researcher, author.

Joanne D. S. McMahon, Ph.D.   Parapsychologist.  Coauthor of Shopping for Miracles

Ben Robinson.  Magician.  Author of Twelve Have Died: Bullet Catching--The Story & the Secrets

Jim Kennedy. Research on spirituality and the paranormal.

James W. Moseley.  Editor of Saucer Smear, coauthor of  Shockingly Close to the Truth: Confessions of a Grave-Robbing Ufologist

Leonard George, Ph.D.  A psychologist whose website has great links to scholarly works on esotericism.

Pat Marcattilio.  UFO conference organizer.


Miscellaneous and Reciprocal Links

C. W. Spinks' site "The Trickster's Way."  Online journal and extensive bibliography on the trickster.

French translation of my article "Magicians Who Endorsed Psychic Phenomena"

Terry Keith McCombs' page on the trickster

Satirical site on remote viewer Prudence Calabrese

Dana's site

UfoInfo website, with many links.

Parapsychology Foundation.  Links to articles on parapsychology.

Bill Beaty's site.  Extensive links to paranormal sites.

Myth & Mystery.  Huge number of paranormal links, with convenient categories.

Edmund Meadows' website.  A variety of paranormal links.

Chris Davis' website.  Lots of alien-related  links.

Barrie Schwortz's Shroud of Turin website.

Michael Rogge's Psychology of Spritiual Movements.

Quest for Wisdom site.  Many links.

Karen Terese's ghostpage.  Lots of paranormal links.

Dowsing Links

Radionic Association

At the Edge magazine

Leylines and Dowsing Site

Skepticism Issues

Jim Lippard's site.  Many skeptical links. 

John Caton's Skeptical Investigations

Daniel H. Caldwell's site.  Many skeptical links.

Rocky Mountain Skeptics

Robert Todd Carroll's Skeptic's Dictionary

Steven Schafersman's Humanist and Skeptic Website  (lots of resources)




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