Topic-focussed bibliographies are listed here.  Every 
issue also included a random bibliograpy. 

No. 1  --  1978

Crank, Crackpot, or Genius? Pseudoscience or Science Revolution?  A Bibliographic Guide to the Debate by Marcello Truzzi.  Pages 20-22.

The Powers of Negative Thinking, or Debunking the Paranormal: A Basic Book List by Marcello Truzzi.  Pages 35-38.

Uri Geller & the Scientists: A Basic Bibliogaphy by Marcello Truzzi and Ray Hyman.  Pages 39-46.

Debunking Biorhythms by M. Truzzi.  Page 47.

No. 2  --  1978

Scientific Studies of Classical Astrology by Marcello Truzzi.  Page 79-87.

Vampires: Studies and Organizations by Marcello Truzzi.  Pages 88-90.

Velikovsky & His Critics: A Basic Bibliography by M. Truzzi.  Pages 100-101.

Nos. 3 & 4  --  1979

Lycanthropy: A Basic Bibliography on Werewolves and Their Kin by Marcello Truzzi and J. Richard Greenwell.  Pages 21-24.

No. 5  --  1979

Scientific Studies of the "Lunar Effect" and Human Behavior by Ivan W. Kelly.  Pages 50-53.

No. 6  --  1980

Supplements to Past Zetetic Scholar Bibliographies.  Page 154.

No. 7  --  1980

The Loch Ness Monster: A Guide to the Literature by Henry H. Bauer.  Pages 30-42.

Bibliography of Bibliographies on Dowsing by George P. Hansen.  Pages 101-105.

No. 8 --  1981

Bibliography of Skeptical and Debunking Articles in Fate Magazine, (Jan. 1975 - Sept. 1981) by Jerome Clark.  Pages 76-77.

No. 9  --  1982

No topic-focussed bibliographies included in this issue.

No. 10   --  1982

The Loch Ness Monster: A Guide to the Literature, Supplement I by Henry H. Bauer.  Page  26.

"Fingertip Sight": A Bibliography by Leonard Zusne.  Pages 35-42.

Chinese Parapsychology: A Bibliography of English Language Items by Marcello Truzzi.  Pages  143-145.

Debunking Biorhythms: A Supplement by Ivan W. Kelly.  Page 146.

No. 11  --  1983

A Bibliography on Fire-Walking by Marcello Truzzi.  Pages 105-108.

Nos. 12/13 --  1987

Chinese Parapsychology: A Bibliography of English Language Items, Part II by Marcello Truzzi.  Pages 58-60.